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I Had My First "SKN WRKOUT" at ALXS SKN GYM - And It Changed Everything

I Had My First "SKN WRKOUT" at ALXS SKN GYM - And It Changed Everything

Editor's Note: I'm thrilled to be partnering with Alexis SKN GYM on a skin care series sharing the best pre-wedding skincare tips, tricks, and treatments.  Catch up on the first installment here.

I've spent many years - and endless dollars - on skincare products that I was sure would "change everything" about my skin. I've had several facials over the years, mostly because every skin care expert on record swears up and down that regular facials are the best way to get glowing, gorgeous skin. 

However, every time I made the time and spent the money on a facial, I was left... underwhelmed.  I couldn't see much of a positive or negative difference in my skin, with one very notable exception at an all natural skincare spa where the facialist used hot steam on my heat sensitive, reactive skin, with disastrous results.

I'm happy to say that my first SKN WRKOUT with Alexis Robertson changed everything I THOUGHT I knew about skincare, just in time to give me gorgeous glowing skin for my bridal shower! 

First of all let's just clarify that this was no basic skin care treatment: "I don't do... basic," Alexis said during our treatment - truly a woman after my own heart! 

Seeing Alexis isn't like going to a spa where you pick a treatment off a menu, and hope for the best.   Before your first SKN WRKOUT with Alexis, there is a mandatory consultation (the cost of which is subtracted from your first treatment) where you discuss everything from your diet and exercise habits to your skincare routine to ensure that you'll get exactly what you need for the glowing skin you've always wanted.

The treatment I got in my SKN WRKOUT was customized for my skin's needs, which is exactly how it should be.  After the usual face massage, we got to the good stuff. First Alexis put a metal bracelet around my wrist to "ground me" and then proceeded to run a metal spatula across my face that used micro-currents to help water penetrate my pores and flush out all the gunk made up of oil, dirt, and dead skin cells.  

This is called an Ultrasonic Facial, and it's great for resurfacing skin's texture and preventing future breakouts.  Alexis had me hold a mirror in order to see all the aforementioned gunk fly out of my pores, and it was both extremely satisfying and kind of disgusting.

Once that was done, Alexis brought out a high frequency wand, which looked like a long glass tube with little glass bubble at one end.  A high frequency wand creates an electrical current that creates an oscillating oxygenation that kills bacteria and zaps current and future acne. Far from painful, this little beauty is considered gentle and appropriate for most skin types. 

When I walked out of Alexis' office I could see immediate results: my pores were smaller, my face was flushed with a healthy glow, and my overall tone and texture were much more even. Simply put: I got the type of results I've always wanted, but never EVER achieved from "miracle" skincare products and by-the-book facials.  

A picture is worth 1000 words and when I attended my bridal shower the next week, I was blown away by how smooth, glowy, and even my skin was in every photo -  see for yourself, below! 


Stay tuned for my next post all about my first PRP Microneedling treatment, otherwise known as a VAMPIRE FACIAL

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